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Thank you for joining us! As we want both participants and parents to have a positive experience at the race, we have included some information that may help you get ready and know what to expect on the race day.

How will the race work?

Every kid will require to pick up their race packet prior to the race. It will be at Citybikes on saturday 11-2. Each packet contains their race number, wristband (color depends on start group), starting time and map.

On race day, every kid will be body marked.  After body marking, kids may head into the transition area to set up transitions that generally include: bikes, shoes, helmets, race numbers, and t-shirts. Parents are allowed into the transition to help set up, but will not be allowed back into the transition area once the race begins. The transition area will close approximately 15 minutes prior to race time. Following transition set up, athletes need to head to start tent.  As the race will have a time trial start every 15', volunteers will be there to help them to be on a line ready for the start. As our first priority is safety, there will be lifeguards in the water that aid kids while swimming. We will also have volunteers throughout the course and transition areas helping with the flow and ready to report any incident.

What is body marking?

In body marking, every kid gets his/her race number written on the upper arm and age on the back of the calf. This is done to help identify athletes.

What is it needed on race day?
  • Swimsuit/trisuit
  • Googles 
  • Bike 
  • Bike helmet 
  • Running shoes 
  • Running t-shirt to avoid sunburn/shorts (kids' preference)
  • Bottle of water
  • Racing belt (optional)
  • Running cap (optional)
  • ​Sunblock and mosquito spray (optional)

  • Towel for transition area (optional)

  • Optional clothing change for after the race

What is a time trial start?

It is one of the ways to start a race. In this modality, each kid enters the water by himself. There is a 15" second time interval for the next kid(s) to start. 

What kind of bike can my child ride?

Because the race will take part on an unpaved area, all bike kinds are allowed. However, the use of BMX, mountain bikes, and regular kids' bikes is encouraged over the use of road bikes. Your child is welcome to use a road bike only if you consider your child has very good biking abilities and can ride confidently a road bike in an unpaved road. Please note that training wheels will not be allowed.

How will you take the time?

We will have a manual time and it will be an overall time.

Can my child wear a flotation device? Will you have lifeguards on duty?

No, we will not allow flotation devices from any nature. There will be certified lifeguards in the water during the race to ensure safety.

Will there be traffic in any portion of the route?

No, the race course is completely closed to the traffic. however you may encounter some pedestrians .. please keep your eyes open.